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Removing bottlenecks

Power conversion is a key enabling technology behind some of the fastest growing green businesses such as solar power production, electric vehicle charging, data center optimization. Yet, the technology used for power conversion is decades old, inefficient, and overly expensive.


Low efficiency

Current system’s efficiency is low which wastes energy and money – and is not environmentally sustainable


High cost

Current systems are complex and expensive to design and manufacture – as well as unnecessary bulky


System inflexibility

Topologies are limited and lead to unnecessary amount of conversion steps and system complexity


Poor scalability

Current power conversion archi-tectures must be optimized for each application and for different loads

Vensum power has introduced new power conversion architecture called Software Defined Power Conversion (SDPC), which removes the bottlenecks in existing power conversion systems. The technology in SDPC reduces switching losses to the minimum via patent pending softswitching methods. It also implements a true multiport configuration in which the same modular architecture adapts to any topology or application or any power level.

The disruption: Vensum Power

The First Unified Software Defined Power Conversion Architecture

Differentiated by zero voltage switching and true multiport architecture

No switching losses

Patented switching technology allows for significantly higher frequencies, smaller size, and longer life cycles than current technologies.

Universal topology

The same topology applies to any application. The modular and scalable architecture is fully data driven which allows the same HW to be configured to any application.

Data-driven topology, off-the-shelf components

JSON-based topology and standard building blocks for unlimited flexibility and scalability and fastest design process.

Vensum advantages